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    Feed URL blacklisted ?

    I got a strange behaviour with only one of my apps since last week. Its feed modules cannot retrieve anything (images, rss channel) from only one URL of my websites. Is it possible that this URL is "blacklisted" somewhere (appyet proxy ?) ? I tried to reset, reinstall, etc with no success.
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    Huge amount of crashes when people update my app

    At each update, since I inserted Firebase, Google Dev Console shows a huge amount of crashes like this java.lang.RuntimeException: at ( at (Unknown Source) at...
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    Bug ?

    When you "suppress all", all notes were suppressed except the "starred". Which was nice. Now, no more "stars" but "hearts". OK. But if now I decide to suppress all notes ... all notes are suppressed ... even the one "hearted/loved" ...
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    [bug] wrong and ugly notification icon

    I used my own logo as "notification icon" but also the default icon suggested by appyet, same result on smartphones or tabs with android "material design" : the notification icon is white on white and looks ugly (see image, the second notification is from my app)
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    stats to ensure 70/30 ad split

    I would appreciate that you produce regularely some stats on the number of ad impressions for each app to "proove" that the 70/30 split between appyet ad and creator ad is correctly applied. those stats could be compared to our adsense stats.
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    Bug : only on tab, web feed titled "about:blank"

    web feed of my app is titled "about blank" instead of the name of the app but ONLY on my Nexus 7 TAB and not on my smartphone (see two screenshots)
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    New disposition type for items with no picture

    could you add a new disposition type for those rss feeds having no pictures in it ? Like "list" type but with no picture You could call it "text list"
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    Option to active/unactive notification per feeds

    I would appreciate that the user can choose which feeds would generate a notification and which would not.
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    Bug module feed + explore

    I like the idea of "explore" to let the reader the capability to select/unselect feeds. But it behaves badly. If I unselect some feeds, synchronize, then reselect some feeds : counter for the feed (left menu) can say (1 billet) put display nothing (counter for the feed on top says 0) ! See jpg...