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  1. Revolt App

    Rss feed doubled photos problem

    Hi dears, All the rss feeds are coming with doubled photos(find attached the screenshots). The problem is not in the rss coming only but all my rss feeds to appyet application are showing doubled photos(more tahan 50 rss links). Few months ago i contacted you...
  2. Revolt App

    The Back feature

    Hi, I suggest to make a modification in AppYet application back feature. When you press back (bottom right) the app exit. I suggest to show the left menue when press the back one time and exit when press the back two times. Note: when press one time, i suggest to show a hint says (press twice to...
  3. Revolt App

    Deleted app

    Hi dears, I deleted (by fault) an application from appyet called "Ribat Fm". I would like to resotre it. Is it possible? Please advice Regards
  4. Revolt App

    Security Alert on Google Play Developer Console

    Hi dears, I got this security alert on all my appyet apps published on google play developer console : Security alert Your app is using a version of MoPub containing a security vulnerability. Please see this Google Help Center article for details, including the deadline for fixing the...
  5. Revolt App

    Language request

    Hi to all, I would like to put (Change Language ) in the left menu instead of parameters. Is that possible? And how if the answer is yes? Thanks
  6. Revolt App

    How to minimize the app size

    How to minimize the app size Please give me some advices in order to minimize the size of apps as much as i can Thanks