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    The site does not send the application to the email

    check your spam folder!
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    Problem with Submit to build

    check spam/junk folder in your mail box
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    AppYet v3.1.24 Released

    Please add search option in web module . now search icon just exists on feed modules
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    How to set a default home page

    great idea to work for next versions
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    error in bbpress forum integration

    Hello, I have installed a bbpress forum and added it on my appyet forum module note: tapatalk addon is installed on my site my problem is when i want to post a replay on timeline, it gave me an error: found i have tried xenforo on my site...
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    Is There A Tutorial For Building The App

    go to module tab, find the orange button (feed RSS/atom) enter menu name and group name and save. on next page enter the feed URL and save. go to build tab and push the button. done! now check you email Sent from my HUAWEI G510-0200 using controlt
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    i don't like the new version

    you have to re-configure the app setting to open the links in app browser like before , go to each module setting
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    Would you like to see AppYet integrate with Feedly?

    do you mean importing feeds from feedly to appyet? something that i like about appyet is that user can access the unread feeds when they even don't have access to wifi or 3g internet
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    Update with this small feature

    waiting for that release, thanks again
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    Update with this small feature

    agreed, this is a must thank you
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    Change "New Article" with the Title of the article

    agreed, this is a must thank you