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  1. MixRadu

    More Things

    Tu comentario es original :)) los de appyet no van a entender nada xD (Your comment is original, the appyet staff will not understand it) xD
  2. MixRadu

    iBac Romana

    Mersi ! :D I-am dat upgrade ! :D
  3. MixRadu

    Invite Your Friends Button appyet

    You want to tell "Share app" button?
  4. MixRadu


    I think not yet...
  5. MixRadu

    Please Set An Option To Increase Admob Interstitial Ad Frequency

    WTF !!! i have set the interstitial ad to 1 hour, and i think its enoying ... and you want to make the ad every 10 seconds ? lool xD ... sorry for my bad english ... here is the "short story" of what i say : BAD IDEA !
  6. MixRadu

    Send a message to a Number from input

    Show me the code :D maybe i can help you.
  7. MixRadu

    Feed Faceboolk page ?

    RE-AUTORIZE? Only in the fbrss page or we have to make and "upgrade" to the app to still working the rss. Sorry for my bad english
  8. MixRadu

    cant open appyet website

    Hey ! I try now the page and it's working 100%.
  9. MixRadu

    iBac Romana

    Hello Appyet users! This is my app! IBAC ROMANA it's a aplication for preparing people from Romania to study for the B.A.C exam I "made" a short presentation of my app. Here are some "screenshots" The aplication have over 2000 downloads ! I want to see your opinion about this...
  10. MixRadu

    [AppYet 3.x] Requested Features List

    you are the best men ! :D
  11. MixRadu

    Button to other web module?

    How can i make a button to go to other web module ?