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    Hey I need some help!

    So I made two different apps by accident then started to use the other one mid way through, but the package name is different and google is not allowing me to update the app because of the different name, is there a way you guys can change that?
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    Make themes downloadable as opposed to pre-installed.

    I think this would be a great option to have for app developers. Love the work! Cheers guys
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    RugbyWatch Newsreader

    I first made this app just for personal use, but then I got convinced to release it :). Here it is:
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    [AppYet 3.x] Requested Features List

    What about having the splash image being able to be a moving .gif? That would be sweet :)
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    AppYet v3.1.4 Released

    Is there a feed query where it's all articles?
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    [AppYet 3.x] Requested Features List

    Could you add a way so that there is no notifications on default. I want to make a newsreader app that doesn't have any sort of notifications