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  1. DjSeby

    AppYet v3.1.26 - v3.1.40 Released

    How can we see in real time the users using the app? Firebase Analytics don't have real time users and other settings like google analytics... I want Google Analytics back :)
  2. DjSeby

    Greetings. Could someone help me with the consent link of the GDPR. Thanks in advance

    You had to have a privacy policy link in google play console... What url do you provided in Google Play Console? that's the url you paste into app also... if you don't have a privacy policy in google play console you're not gdpr compliant...
  3. DjSeby

    AppYet v3.1.26 - v3.1.40 Released

    I already posted a gif with feed article opened, and after clicked on "more details" button it tries to open chrome... what other screenshot do you need, from builder, app, etc.? That's the problem users have with builder... some wants to open in default browser, some (like me) wants to open...
  4. DjSeby

    AppYet v3.1.26 - v3.1.40 Released

    Yes they are feed modules, the steps are simple... add feed module, name, icon, enter feed address (like this one : ) save... In app when I click on "more details" it tries to open google chrome instead of opening the article with the app browser... Some feeds...
  5. DjSeby

    AppYet v3.1.26 - v3.1.40 Released

    "More details" in some cases opens google play (chrome)... I tried even to delete the respective module, then added again the feed etc. and still opens google play...
  6. DjSeby

    AppYet v3.1.26 - v3.1.40 Released

    No matter how the button for "Open in Default Browser" is set, the feed "visit website" button always opens the browser to visit the site... I would like to open some feed details in app and now I can't... only in external browser. Can you fix that?
  7. DjSeby

    What new feature or fixes you like to see in up coming version?

    How about a consent diaog for the EU users of our apps, because of this f****n GDPR? :)
  8. DjSeby

    Apk not being sent via email

    Tested now... same here, no mail from appyet with apk (I had no problems until now...). Maybe it's an error and will be fixed, or maybe it's ... the end.
  9. DjSeby

    [RESOLVED] Google Play Error: You need to check the icon inside your APK because it is not valid.

    Looks like an Google error, now it's working (uploaded same apk without problems)
  10. DjSeby

    [AppYet 3.x] Requested Features List

    It's been more than a year : "previous implementation was when in article list, and user click on back button, Menu drawer will be displayed. when user press back again, app will be closed. some user don't want this feature, and asked to remove it." - that's what appyet said when I requested...
  11. DjSeby

    The Back feature

    That feature was present on earlier versions and we are many users who want that feature back. Hopefully appyet will bring that back in the next... 10 years :) (I'm feelin' optimistic today)
  12. DjSeby

    Change back button function

    Yes he can... but he won't :) It's been a year since I requested the "back function" back :) And we got just a promise... and a major update promise. It's like in politics here, they promise everything and we got nothing :) Good thing that I'm used to it...( politics and appyet).
  13. DjSeby

    google play warning

    Everybody will get this security alert... and yes MoPub needs to be updated to the latest sdk. I don't even use mopub, it would be nice to compile the sdk's from builder page only with the ad sdk's used by user (admob by default and the rest only if the user want to use them) - but that's just a...
  14. DjSeby

    "Back" Button on Phone Open Menu

    We have just a promise that in the future this feature will be back :) (it shouldn't been gone in the first place...)
  15. DjSeby

    AppYet v3.1.19 to v3.1.21 Released

    No adblock installed, and if I uninstall the app and reinstall 3.1.17 ads work... Only with 3.1.19 I'm ...adless :) I will try with the new 3.1.21.
  16. DjSeby

    AppYet v3.1.19 to v3.1.21 Released

    Well, after more than 24h my app is still without admob banners...Interstitial sometimes shows over article ('till now interstitial appeared only when you exit an article or module, never when you are reading an article, feed, etc) On google play I have 3.1.17 and it seems it will be there for a...
  17. DjSeby

    AppYet v3.1.19 to v3.1.21 Released

    Lucky you :) Mine doesn't show any ads, tested on android 4.x to 5.1. Now i'll wait 24h...maybe it will work...
  18. DjSeby

    AppYet v3.1.19 to v3.1.21 Released

    Ok, thanks!
  19. DjSeby

    AppYet v3.1.19 to v3.1.21 Released