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  1. Antranix


    Hello everybody. After the error we had with the latest version was solved, I have generated a new apk to upload it to Google Play and I get the following error. "You uploaded an APK with an invalid signature (learn more about signatures). Apksigner error: ERROR...
  2. Antranix

    Issue Suspended application

    Hi Developers at ElGrami, After a recent review, we found that your app Monde Dofus | Guides - Vidéos - Actualités ( is not compliant with one or more of our Developer Program Policies. See below for more information about your app’s status and how to correct the issue...
  3. Antranix

    [Fixed up] My application does not work

    Fixed up A few hours ago, I updated my application and when I installed it on my device, the articles did not load, neither did the icons, of all the modules, only 2 work, I already checked the RSS feeds and they are all functional. See attached Any solution? Thank you.
  4. Antranix

    What is app-ads.txt?

    Greetings to all. I recently saw something about the file app-ads.txt, I do not understand exactly what it is and how to add it to my application since I have ads enabled, someone would explain please.
  5. Antranix

    Mundo Friki 2.0 [Only Spanish]

    Mundo Friki 2.0 ¿Te perdiste el lanzamiento de tu juego favorito? ¿No sabes cuando será la próxima temporada del anime que mas te gusta? ¿Quieres estar actualizado con las últimas noticias de videojuegos, cine o manga? ¿Te gustaria conocer mas sobre la cultura japonesa? Entonces Friki News es...
  6. Antranix

    Notification From Google Play For My App

    Hello everyone. This new version of AppYet has been great, I really liked the interface and I feel it faster and more modern, there is more freedom but there are still things that still do not work. 1- I will post a screenshot of the email I received from Google when I uploaded the new version...
  7. Antranix

    Module "All Articles"

    How to create a module that contains "All Articles" that have been obtained by RSS and that are in the application. Thank you. =============== Como crear un modulo que contenga "Todos los Articulos" que hayan sido obtenidos por RSS y que se encuentren en la aplicacion. Gracias.
  8. Antranix


    Please remove the Captcha system from the "Build" section, many developers that work in front of a PC are forced to resolve Captcha constantly, for this reason, Google bans IPs that resolve more than 10 Captcha a day. Currently there is no way to remove this ban, so it is impossible for us to...
  9. Antranix

    "Post" Module

    I recently saw that we have a new module called "Post", try it and do absolutely nothing. What is this for?
  10. Antranix

    File expansion .obb

    You can use the files on expansion in the application? Because it could be useful to create one to store things there that we want the application without having Internet is displayed.