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    App Size is too large

    But is there any solution to make app size very less by removing unwanted modules?
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    Optional components to reduce apk size

    I agree. Earlier apk size used to me under 4MB, but now in V3, 10MB is the minimum size and there is no alternate to reduce it. Surprisingly no one here to help either.
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    Push Notification

    Is there any module to integrate InApp Push notification? Can i use my client id and key to send push msg to user? Please Help me how can i send push msg to my users. Thanks in advance.
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    Size of apk file

    Can you help me how to reduce the size of apk file. I mean what steps i should take to reduce size. It becomes huge 10MB apk file even if i create a simple monetized app. Is there any possibility to create a simple app under 1MB size?