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  1. LCallaghan84

    What is the user agent in the web module

    I need some help, i want to hide smart app banner here is the sample code. <meta name="smartbanner:exclude-user-agent-regex" content="^.*My Example Webapp$"> Please let me know what the user agent is so I can hide the banner. Thanks @appyet
  2. LCallaghan84

    Remove extra space for news feed

    Is there a way to remove the extra space for the feed module below the visit website button I really want to remove the extra space below that button. it is unnecessary perhaps I can remove it with css in the module setting?
  3. LCallaghan84

    Material Design Lite

    Material Design Lite has been released, it is a CSS/JS framework based on Polymer elements and components. It is very easy to understand and use. Using MDL on your site with AppYet will help your app stand out. So give it a try today @ I am testing this out at the...
  4. LCallaghan84

    Supernatural Countdown

    Supernatural Countdown is the ultimate app for the fan of the show. You will get access to the latest news, galleries, clips, interviews and much more. The main feature is the Episode countdown which shows the status of how many days, hours, minutes, and seconds left until a new episode. The App...
  5. LCallaghan84

    App Linking

    Is there app linking in 3.1? For example, like a link will open that certain part of the app Link example: app:goto.module:Countdown (if that app has that section) or app.goto.module:GUID that way in a website I could link directly to open that module in the app I hope you understand what I...