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  1. Abba Zamzas

    Admob ads stop

    My two apps just stop showing ads, and my admob account is not suspended, but ads aren't showing up! Please do something
  2. Abba Zamzas

    Admob ads

    We encourage native ads, this will surely improve revenue!
  3. Abba Zamzas

    Pop-ups notifications

    Please! Please!! Please!!! Appyet team thanks for creating this wonderful platform. I need to ask for creation of pop-ups notifications. The idea is that we need to keep our customers and derive them as source of revenue, there are many apps that are doing wonderfully well out there through...
  4. Abba Zamzas

    I need feedback on my News App

    Hello forum, pls I need feedback on app named Nigerian Newspapers, here is the link
  5. Abba Zamzas


    there is a need to add banner ads at the top instead of only one banner ads. and also there is a need to improve the request for rating in the playstore.
  6. Abba Zamzas

    No Admob

    This is my third post, about my problem with admob, the ads never appears on my app. My different app from Thunkable is doing well with admob but the other one with App Yet, I'm losing revenue. I think i begin to lose my confidence with you guys.. My package name com.news_nigera