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  1. joseamc91

    Show always MENU on startup?

    I'll delete from my menu the "Show all" RSS to fix that the notification is always double. To make this correctly, I want to show the lateral menu always on startup, and user choose what option select. It`s this possible? Sorry, Im Spanish with low level of english. The app is...
  2. joseamc91

    Duplicated articles RSS

    Good morning, My application has the feeds that you can see in the picture. The first is all the news, and the others are the same news but divided by topic (labels blogger) When I publish a new article appears double. It appears in the corresponding section, and section ALL NEWS. Even the...
  3. joseamc91

    Android is limited to 65,535 methods.

    Hello, My app has 9 blogger feeds and 4 web links and I've received the same email from amazon. After we inject methods for supporting our Appstore and DRM solution (we inject of the order of 1,627 methods plus 9 methods per activity in the manifest) your app contains over 66632 methods.
  4. joseamc91

    Blogger RSS not working...

    Good morning, My problem is I want to make a link to ALL (functioning properly), and various links on the menu to the different sections of my blog. I have the sections separated by tags, so that the URL is like this: or...