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    Remove Favorite when article deleted

    Hello, when I disable article from feed, it is still visible, if is market as Favorite. Is thre any way to automatic remove that article what ever if is Favorite or not? Maybe, better if is possible to be grey or similar till I enable that article in feed again? Thnk you
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    Edit custom HTML on download

    Hi related to app problem with editing HTML, is anybody knows how to re-edit content of What's New and Web type Content on my PC when downloading the app on PC? Where is file with HTML content of What's New and Web type Content? Thank you
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    Module web crash

    Hi, is anybody else have the problem when entering content Web module as Web content? After press save get redirect to error page with error Problem We are experiencing technical difficulties please try again later and if the problem persists, contact us at I have contacted...
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    web and rss module

    I have one web page module with login form (from Joomla page) and rss module, from that Joomla page, where are listed articles for logged users. Is it possible to , when user login to page, over web page module, to receive that rss for logged users? Thank you
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    Download module

    Hi, cant find documentation how to use download module? How to add file to download module ...? See there is few questions on forum like mine, but, there is no answer :( Is anybody know? Thank you
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    Flickr albums

    Hi, is it possible to crate RSS feed - list of albums for one user? Thank you
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    Show View Website

    Hi, is it possible to chage text "Show View Website" in app? Thank you
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    Pro subscription

    Hi, cant find, what are benefits of Pro subscription? Thank you