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    Launcher Icon

    Goodmorning everyone. Can anyone explain to me what is "Launcher Icon: Auto - Link" tool and how it should be used? Thank you.
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    recent appyet update

    After the recent appyet update, the publisher always appears in the feed list even if in the feed options I have deselected 'Show Publisher (Display feed publisher name in Feed List and Article screen)'. Furthermore, always in the feed list, only the title is displayed and no longer (as before)...
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    rss link with .XML extension

    Good morning guys. Whenever I insert a link ending in the .XML extension into an RSS form (e.g. ), Appyet does not load the feeds. I have the problem with several Apps and with all the links with the .XLM extension that I have tried. Can you tell me...
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    Admob Violation

    I have been advised by Admob that one of my Apps has a violation: Layout that promotes unintentional clicks - Interstitials launched unexpectedly How can I solve it? advertising can only appear every X minutes...
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    Version Code not Update

    Good morning. I made some changes to my app, I saved it, but the 'version code' remained unchanged and, in fact, the Play Store refuses the upgrade because the published version and the new one have the same version code. How can I solve it? He has been using this app for years and has never had...
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    evaluate the app

    By inserting a web module with the link to an app on the play store, the browser page opens with the wording at the end of the page "open in the play store", but tapping on this app the device play store DOES NOT open and a warning that says "impossible to reach the page, check the internet...
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    systematic crash at startup

    good morning to the community, sorry my english, i'm italian and using google translator. I'm working on an update of an app and also a new app. In both cases I get that: 1) if I install these APK on a device where the App is NOT installed there are no problems. 2) if I install these APK on a...
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    sound notifications problem

    Google translator, excuse the translation ;) When I try to select a sound for notifications the App crashes! I have 4 devices: 2 with Android 4.4 (1 just reset) and the problem is, with others who have older versions of Android the problem is not there. It happens to Others?
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    modulo "download"

    Spero in una anima che parli italiano... ;) Non capisco la funzione "download": nel configuratore on line dell'App posso aggiungerla e null'altro. Ho notato che facendolo sul device si crea una nuova cartella (vuota). Potete spiegarmi come va usata? Grazie :)