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    Please Remove Appyet Banner Ad inside

    This will Allow our Competetors to Enter our Space , please Run Admob n Fb Ads its our Request Please. Revenue Share is Awesome, But Inhouse ads will Spoil the App .
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    How Many Of you Think 4.0 Version is Not Doing Justice your Current App

    Please Ping the Developer, Please Listen to our Concern @appyet
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    Vulnerable JavaScript libraries Found

    Vulnerable JavaScript libraries: Name Version Known issues Identified files jquery 2.1.3 SNYK-npm:jquery:20150627 SNYK-JS-JQUERY-174006
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    Updated My old app in which admob was running fine and now all of sudden after update of app the Admob is not showing ads in new version appyet please look in to this as lot of users are facing the same . AnyOne Facing this Issue Please Comment here and tag the appyet developer. Please Fix It we...