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  1. Shlomi

    Google Play Warning

    Hello Google Play Developer, Your app listed at the end of this email has an unsafe implementation of the WebViewClient.onReceivedSslErrorhandler. Specifically, the implementation ignores all SSL certificate validation errors, making your app vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks. An attacker...
  2. Shlomi

    Filter RSS for a week

    Is it possible to create a filter - (like that on of 24 hours) for any update for this lest week?
  3. Shlomi

    Reports From Developer Console

    i m getting this repert on the developer console (Google Play) java.lang.NullPointerException at android.webkit.HTML5VideoFullScreen$2.surfaceDestroyed( at android.view.SurfaceView.updateWindow( at...
  4. Shlomi

    After updating the app crashes

    I sent you a report what can I do now? Package Name:
  5. Shlomi

    Custom settings titles

    i wont my app to show i custom title on "about" and "feedback" i change that in the app builder settings but no Success i con not see this is the app (screenshot above is from the lest update)
  6. Shlomi

    How updates work?

    Suppose I have in the app 20 RSS The question is if I set in the app to check updates every 5 minutes .. it means the server may crash because of this .. is not it? Tens of thousands of users with the app and everyone checking for updates ... I just do not want to cause my server to crash
  7. Shlomi

    Custom String Custom Text not working

    Settings> Predefined UI String Resources> Custom I set different and you can not see this in the app
  8. Shlomi

    I can not create my app

    See image
  9. Shlomi

    Problem will changing language

    This happens when I change language the left menu is totally gone Sent from my A0001
  10. Shlomi

    Small problem with the Hebrew

    Small problem with the Hebrew Look at the time of this publication is not changed to Hebrew I translated the language but you do not see this in the app
  11. Shlomi

    Download suggestions and questions

    in my app there is a sites that I can download media from now why in the Downloads folder I see a folder with the app signature not the name of the app is it possible to change that also it could be possible to add more features to the video player such as if I exited the video or return to my...
  12. Shlomi

    "Failed" When I try to build the app

    I get the error when I try to build the app (I tried another application and it works fine) Signature is: Help me please
  13. Shlomi

    Option when opening the app

    First of all it is important that I point out is fun to be in this community and in addition helps develop cool stuff :) Now to my question: Is it possible that every time a user opens the app it will open up in the first tab (or homepage for that matter) a small bug at the Settings (last...