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  1. ugo

    [feed] not loaded anymore

    Hi. I'm using appyet since 2014. this feed was always be fine since about 1.5 months.. the result is 0 .. blank page but the xml schema output is the same as before. I'm asking to appyet team if anything was changes in the itnernal processor. becasue channel.items...
  2. ugo

    [price] or free functions for no-procit associations

    I'm president of no profit associuation in education and biodiversity. I'm asking if there is an other pricing policy for us. thanks Guido
  3. ugo

    image in feed list not always shown

    hi. I'm facing the same problem.. I'm asking you what's the algorithm to show the image in the feed list of the app. I mean: I have my rss feed. each feed has the item tag with title, pubdate, link, guid, description, content and author but why only 1 item on 50 is showing correctly the image...