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  1. Dain Binder

    AdMob/Analytics Demographics and Interest Reports

    @appyet, could you add the below code to the build to enhance the Google Analytics and AdMob data collection? Below taken from: To enable these features for Android, modify your Google Analytics tracking...
  2. Dain Binder

    Pro Version Ad Code?

    @appyet, does the pro version have any ad code in the build if ads are turned off? Meaning, would a privacy or ad scanner app identify it as having ads even though none are displayed? Thanks!
  3. Dain Binder

    Pro Tip: Multiple Live Versions

    You can have more than one .apk in production. Within the Google Play Developer Console go to the APK page for your app and click "Switch to advanced mode". Now you can upload a new .apk then publish it and the previous one will still be live. Previous APKs can be moved into production and you...
  4. Dain Binder

    Android TV and Android Wear

    AppYet, It would be great to add the Leanback intent (CATEGORY_LEANBACK_LAUNCHER) so that we could distribute to Android TV. Android Wear support would be excellent too.
  5. Dain Binder

    Keep Starred Unread Default Setting On

    AppYet, It would be nice to be able to set a default to the "Keep starred unread" option found within the installed apps settings. My preference would be to have it checked on initial install. Thanks!