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  1. Lana9

    Issue App-ads.txt

    I received that from admob, what should I do??, pub-3570652521938772, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0 My app's informations: aguid: 07fc00e0-3c59-49dd-8f91-d269b229dc62 I can't wait to receive your answer.
  2. Lana9

    please remove my app

    hey @appyet I wanna rebuild my app from the zero, but when I remove it to start building a new one using the same package name (com.anime.klaster) it shows the same version code which's not working for me so please remove my app from ur servers here is it's id...
  3. Lana9

    Appyet Please help

    Please I have more than 860 daily active users and more than 30k download, but I don't even make 0.001$ per day, you said the ads will work after getting enough users so I shared my new update but now I'm not making anything please check my app on your servers I'm sure there's a problem because...
  4. Lana9


    @appyet please show the size of the video somewhere on the new in-app video player
  5. Lana9

    About the video player

    Dear @appyet I'm working on a new project and right now I'm creating articles with so many .mp4 links, I really need to know Are you gonna add the download button to the video player Is that 2GB of saved data gonna be changeable (ex: to 50mb) if no then please inform me so I'll start using...
  6. Lana9

    Extra html header

    hey @appyet can I use Extra html header to add a background-color to all the links on my articles? thanks in advance❤
  7. Lana9

    Admobe Issue

    @appyet please help, my app doesn't support any ads, I tried the google ad unit ID too but even I couldn't reach what I want here is the download link, please do something
  8. Lana9

    What are the up-coming features

    It looks like the next version is taking a while, we'd like to know what are the new features that @appyet is gonna add please tell us
  9. Lana9

    change visited links color

    why the links color doesn't change like on the web module ?
  10. Lana9

    Can I create Query with articles that contains numbers on the title?

    please how can I create Query with articles that includes numbers on the title, or shares the same word on the body or the title like "new" or "2020" @appyet I really need this (sorry for reposting that)
  11. Lana9

    feature needed

    hey @appyet, when we edit our posts the pub date doesn't change until you reinstall the app, is it possible that you'll resolve this in the next version? and thank u for this unbelievable work
  12. Lana9

    issue with the video's favorite button

    the effect doesn't disappear until u restart the app
  13. Lana9

    Here are all my problems. please help

    @appyet here are all my problems please someone 1- I'm using your extra html header to hide the head on my articles, but when u open a post and u swipe to the previous one, the title become visible again .appyet_title_unread{display:none !important; } .appyet_title_read{display:none...
  14. Lana9

    Let users create playlist of articles

    @appyet please add this Toggle delete Let users create playlist of articles (instead of just one favorite list) Slideshow for the last 10 posts of each feed Allow the external browser (outside the app)
  15. Lana9

    Issue with the video player

    @appyet my app's size is growing every time I play a video (its 300mb now) after watching a video the new video player keeps the data like if I downloaded it