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  1. ibrahim khamees

    custom fields in wordpress

    Hi. wordoress is very powerful content management system. and custom fields is one of big beautiful wordpress features. appyet reads full rss feed of wordpress posts but ignores custom fields. I suggest to include custom fields in appyet. best regards
  2. ibrahim khamees

    add link to section or page

    hi. in android we can link to specific activity using "intent". how to link to a specific section or page in appyet like (last 24h feed, feed from specific url, or any other)? any ideas? regards
  3. ibrahim khamees

    Suggestion: Include Facebook SDK

    Hi I suggest include Facebook SDK in the app in order to benefit of the features like (promoting the app in the facebook ads). this is the link of Facebook SDK
  4. ibrahim khamees

    Email have not been sent after buit

    Hello I have faced this issue. when i finish app and go to build tab, and send the app to Build, I did not receive apk in Email, although it tell me the build succeeded. any one else have faced same problem ? Best Regards
  5. ibrahim khamees

    Raw HTML Module and Display Banner Ads in the bottom of "View Article"

    The only way I found out how Appyet display PDF, is to convert PDF into set of images and then displaying them :) it will look like an Ebook, and it is pretty work well, Best Regards
  6. ibrahim khamees

    How to add Video which plays offline?

    Hello I want to add Video and play if offline in the appyet. I tried Youtube RSS but it does not work offline. is that possible at this time? Best Regards
  7. ibrahim khamees

    Raw HTML Module and Display Banner Ads in the bottom of "View Article"

    Thanks ... I noticed the Web module just after I posted the question :) but what do you mean by does not allow Ebooks? did you mean does not allow PDF files?
  8. ibrahim khamees

    Raw HTML Module and Display Banner Ads in the bottom of "View Article"

    Hello ,, this is very helpful app but I suggest the following features: RAW HTML MODULE : we have wordpress and RSS and Flickr modules, but would be perfect if the Raw HTML module added. this will be helpful for displaying Ebooks and Contents without need to online gathering contents in the...
  9. ibrahim khamees

    make the Group collabsable and expandable

    Hello I have this suggestion to make the app more organized, make the group name collapsible and expandable - when the user touch the group name will display all the posts inside this group. - when the user touch the icon beside the group name that will expand/collapse all items list belongs to...
  10. ibrahim khamees

    Poll: RTL (Arabic or Persian) User Only - Which UI layout do you prefer?

    option 1 ) is the best because it is the standard and commonly used by other apps
  11. ibrahim khamees

    Ready to build great apps

    Ready to build great apps