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  1. davidkris

    Security Alert question

    Hi please may you tell me how to end this security alert from google Security alert Your app is using an unsafe implementation of WebViewClient.onReceivedSslError handler. Please see this Google Help Center article for details, including the deadline for fixing the vulnerability. Vulnerable...
  2. davidkris

    Please give feedback on app for small business

    Hi All, just made an app, it's for people that want to start, manage and grow a business, it's talks and tips on how to do this. I've studied and taught business for many years and would like to share some of that with others via blog, forum and app. Please give me your feedback, I'm not a...
  3. davidkris

    How to get picture to show in the app

    Hi I can't find the answer but how do I get pictures to show in the app, I'm using and have picture in each post but the app has no picture in it. How can I get the picture to show in the app? Thanks David
  4. davidkris

    How to show Podcast Feed

    Hi please can anyone tell me how to get my podcast feed to work in appyet. The demo appyet seems to have podcasts working but when I enter my podcast's Rss , nothing shows on the app I build. Thanks in advance for your help David