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    Missing important features!

    1. Media Playback (Next-Previous-Repeat1-Repeat All-Play all) 2. App Update Pop-up When We Want Force Our User To Use Updated Version Of Our App. "a place where we place version.txt direct link in it and when we switch version values app detects it automatically). Please add these in Upcoming...
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    Question Next & Forward buttons in notification bar

    I can't make my list play all or reply all constantly or reply just one music... is this feature available? If not please add it ASAP..Also (Firebase cloud messages) should be also for free users but notification push only for premium.. i hope you understand my requests/question. My regards
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    Can someone help me? Why FCM isn't working when i try to send message or notification for my users they don't get it even when i tried installing app on my phone to test but it also didn"t work although i uploaded my firebase services.jso to app.yet but no luck, in short i did everything...