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    recover deleted app from dashboard

    Hello, I would like to get help because I want to recover a deleted app from my dashboard. Can you help me @appyet ? Thank you !
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    Recover deleted app

    Appyet can you help me please?
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    Recover deleted app

    Hi, a would like to recover a deleted app, how can i do this ? Thank you !
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    AppYet v3.1.26 - v3.1.40 Released

    Hello @appyet still no fillments for Facebook Audience Network. Only requests. Can you check up please ?
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    AppYet v3.1.26 - v3.1.40 Released

    Still can't save facebook audience network new placements. See attached Screenshot: @appyet please help.
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    AppYet v3.1.26 - v3.1.40 Released

    I want to save new interstitial Facebook Audience Network Network but i have this error : Invalid Facebook Banner Ad Unit ID The id's are correct.
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    AppYet v3.1.26 - v3.1.40 Released

    Yes is true, Facebook Audience Network is not working.
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    mopub also not working

    No one wants to help us
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    are you there ?

    are you there ?
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    What if i don't want to share revenue with Appyet?

    Go to another service, i have problems with advertising on my app and appyet do not answer from about 2-3 weeks ..
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    i have same problem, no answer from about 2 month... change your service.
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    AppYet v3.1.23 Released

    I have a problem from more than a week and i have no answers from admin and you want a new version of appyet ...
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    why ad networks are not working?

    My app not showing admob advertisments after the PRO subscription has expired.
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    Pro expired and no ads showing up

    Admod ads are not showing up from that date ! Anyone can help ?
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    Pro expired and no ads showing up

    Someone can help ? Any admin ?
  16. F please help please help
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    Pro expired and no ads showing up

    I have a problem, PRO expired on 19 this month and no ads is showing up from that date. I have no revenues and i want to extend the PRO but i can't see the button to pay. Anyone can help ? What i have to do because my earning's dropped !
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    rev share with payment

    Now.. that's the point.. Who knew that would happen ?!?! Now, i need to get the money back ? I do not like being lied. I understand that you need to make change's, but make the changes with the new account's, not with the old one's that you had a deal and an legal agreement. It seems that no...