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    My app just link to webpage and google send this email to me!

    You must fill in the data security form and inform that your app collects data from the device
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    Is it possible to get Admob Approval with free version?

    Yes, but some people here complain that apps are not showing ads
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    Can I apply for Admob with My site App?

    Webview app? Google Play doesn't like Webview app and may remove your app because of it
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    publish free app

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    publish free app

    You need to buy a Google Play Console account to publish an app on this Google store, but you can publish an app for free on the Samsung store and other stores and monetize with Admod
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    (Invalid Data safety section)

    App link?
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    Issue Problem in Uploading Aab File on Console

    But this is not an abb file, it's an apk file. Google Play Console no longer accept apk
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    Banner ads not shown in each posts

    In the current version of Appyet it no longer shows ads in each post
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    Can't find where to put app-ads.txt

    Do not put in the app
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    Issue My app is not showing admob ads

    Your app is Webview. No banner will appear
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    Question How to send Advance Notification with Options

    This is against Google Play rules.
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    Issue AdMob disabled ads in my app!

    But the ads only show on the home screen
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    Play console terminated