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    Push Notification

    Are we not having Push notification in the free version, its a very big backdrop, u can take 30% u can have in-app ads, then y to remove push notification from free version
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    About in-house ads

    Hello guys, am really heart broken. I never expected appyet would do this. There are many online app creators but appyet was different from them. First thing for people who are using appyet from long time or who have more downloads, you can't move out of appyet, appyet will not provide you...
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    while creating new with old template SHA fingerprint is same

    while creating new with old template SHA fingerprint is same, if i update it with firebase there might be problem ??
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    appyet, Google has stopped serving ads to my all appyet apps. please look into it ASAP

    Dear @appyet please look into this issue, new update (3.1.44) having lot of bugs. please resolve it soon. or please provide key file so that we can do it our self. please respond. Below is the message from Google. Google AdMob ad serving has been restricted to your app Here are some...
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    having problem in appyet apk download, it struck at 78 in queue

    am adding screenshot please look @appyet
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    After updating app to 3.1.42 still Google Play rejected my app

    I gave privacy policy in app and in developer console... I have updated 3.1.42. still I got this error. Issue: Violation of Inappropriate Ads policy The ads shown within your app must be appropriate for the intended audience of your app, even if the content by itself is otherwise compliant...
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    personally identifiable information you collect

    personally identifiable information you collect for App Privacy Policy @appyet
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    My apps are taken down from play store.

    I got this info on mail. All 3 apps got same issue. @appyet please help me. Issue: Violation of the Personal and Sensitive Information and Usage of Android Advertising ID Policies We have determined that your app uses a permanent device identifier and does not prominently disclose this...
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    Anyone facing issues with v3.1.40

    Hey @appyet is this the stable update or are you working on any update. And any one facing issues on this version.
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    Tapatalk for wordpress

    Any Instructions on how to build Tapatalk for wordpress website. am unable to add tapatalk to wordpress. @appyet
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    Please any one help me.

    What is your average admob CPC. My is 0.06$. what should I do. My traffic is from India. I get around 300 200 clicks. And refresh time is 120 sec. Please any one help me.
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    How are earning in Mopub compare to Admob?

    Did any one use Mopub. Please share your experience with us.
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    Problem with admob payout. Am been cheated.

    Hi, am using appyet from 1 yr. I had no problems till now. But my problem is with only admob. Am getting on 0.06$ per click. I don't know what to do.. i changed my ad refresh rate to 120 but no change. Any solution am getting on avg. Of 300 Clicks every day... please help me...
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    My Apps Feed is showing only 25 articles

    hi guys, my app is showing only 25 feeds were as i had 200 feeds. i have set my limit to 2000 even then am getting only 25 articles per blog.please help me @appyet
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    am getting problem uploading app in playstore

    am unable to upload my new version app in play store, am attaching a screenshot please help me.
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    This is not fair from @appyet

    Hi @appyet am daily going through my Google Analytics and Google admob. When I compare screenviews of both Google Analytics and admob then I got to know that it's not the share of 30:70 (30% for appyet) it's like 50:50. Am attaching my screenviews of my all apps. I got more than 2L screenviews...
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    Create new style in appyet.??

    Hey guys. My friend created an app with appyet he got a new layout. If I tried it then am getting old layout. Am attaching screen shot of his app. Please any one tell me how it came.
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    Can I use other revenue system other than Admob

    Admob is paying me only 0.05$ CpC. Can I use other than Admob. Please help me
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    Please help me fast..... How to link my blogger to app...

    When I use atom/RSS feed I didn't find any post.... Please help me in step by step process Tq