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    add a chat to the app

    add a chat to the app @appyet
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    doesn't download to my cell phone

    @appyet Please help, I can't see the changes in one of my applications and it doesn't download to my cell phone, I have to download it to another cell phone, however, the changes are not visible.
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    @appyet there is no response from you, the subscription of an application has been paid and it is showing an ad should not be
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    Help application rejected

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    Hello @appyet , you could add the option in which people can program a section to receive said publication, thank you
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    Reminder - we sent this email on December 15, but haven't heard back from you Dear Mujeres a los pies de Jesús team, We are a team of academic researchers from the CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security in Germany, conducting a research project on user consent and GDPR (EU General...
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    Actualizar en play store

    my payment application does not update in play store because it shows ad sdk when it should not
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    Jaba kotlin?

    what is jaba kotlin? my application throws this warning when updating the Play Store
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    my two applications have been rejected from the Play Store

    @appyet What is happening, the version code is not updated, my two applications have been rejected from the Play Store, and it also says that it delivers data and is obfuscated, one of the applications I have paid for the subscription and so far I have not had any response
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    play store message

    @appyet play store message You have until November 1, 2020 to implement account suspension and reinstatement features in your app. Pause subscriptions and resubscribe will be enabled by default, unless you explicitly decide to decline this setting.
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    Help anomalies un the aplication

    I am seeing many anomalies in the application and I am not seeing any response, the changes I make in the application are not shown, the emails arrive but the changes have not been applied, I uploaded an application yesterday in the play Store and send an alert message security please @appyet
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    @appyet when building an application, the mail arrives but not with the recent update so you cannot see the change made in the application, this had not happened
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    It is terrible, it does not allow to organize the modules or allow the design to change, when building there are no changes, hours and nothing is fixed @appyet
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    Order the sections

    @appyet it is difficult to even order the sections as you want
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    Image module

    I can not change the image of the module I have days to try
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    @appyet How do I make the application show the number of publications that I put in the configuration
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    Feed query the Bible

    Does anyone have a feed query code for a Bible reading plan, or an html code to add a Bible to the application or a Bible reading plan?
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    @appyet thanks How do I add a YouTube playlist please an example of how the link is
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    The Share the image

    that exactly the image or text is sent to the share and not the link to the website
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    Traductions to Chinese

    Hi, I wanted to know what to do, They wrote to me by mail, encouraging me to translate the application into Chinese and what to send the files to be able to translate them at I don't understand any of what I do?