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    Urgent : Violates Google Policies about invalid click

    I have been contacted by the Google AdMob team via email and telephone. They said some of my applications violate Google policies. I asked what policy was violated, they replied that there were many invalid clicks on my application. They explained that the intertitial advertisement on the...
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    admobs violation : transitional ads appears after the application is closed

    I get a warning from google admobs that my application violates the provisions for transitional ad Appears after the application is closed, I observe my application, and really this is the case, please @appyet team fix this for the next update, so that a transition ad does not appear after the...
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    Native Express ads for the future update

    I get the phone by management adsmob they offered to advertising with Native Express ads, this type of advertising has several advantages and is more user friendly, whether @appyet can support Native Express ads in the future? The link for Native Express ads...
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    why i cannot delete this posting?

    i have wrong posting in forum, why i cannot delete it?
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    Copy paste cannot appear on version 3.1.7 (please fix it)

    when I read an article, then choose the text to be selected, copy and paste the menu does not appear or appear but it is not clear where his copy menu layout please fix it
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    Default Sort articles by ascending, descending

    i hope appyet add feature the developer can setting default sort articles by ascending, descending, tittle, etc