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    recover deleted app from dashboard

    Hello, I would like to get help because I want to recover a deleted app from my dashboard. Can you help me @appyet ? Thank you !
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    Recover deleted app

    Hi, a would like to recover a deleted app, how can i do this ? Thank you !
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    Pro expired and no ads showing up

    I have a problem, PRO expired on 19 this month and no ads is showing up from that date. I have no revenues and i want to extend the PRO but i can't see the button to pay. Anyone can help ? What i have to do because my earning's dropped !
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    rev share with payment

    Hi there, I paid for Pro account a time ago because the rev share was 5% for appyet and 95% for me. Now, i see that appyet want 30% and for me only 70%, for what i pay the fee with that rev share ? Please appyet, i need to talk about this. I think you want me as pro user due to my good...
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    Hi, i have this error on My note 3, Android 5.0 "net: ERR_UNKNOWN_URL_SCHEME" I'm trying to open Mail or SopCast link's that need to open in external android app. Please if you can do something to not have this problem anymore. I thins is from app permissions. Thank you !
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    error unknown url scheme

    Hi, i get this error "err_unknown_url_scheme" when i want to open an external link. Is a sopcast link, like that "sop://broker.sopcast...." . Need to be opened in sopcast player from android, but i get this error 90% of the time, sometimes is working.. Please any idea ? Is an appyer error or i...
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    admob not showing , pro account

    Hi, i have a pro account and today i added Admob banner and interstitial ads but are not showing. How i can check if is a problem with android app or admob ? what i can do ? Thank you !