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  1. JensO

    Issue File Upload Not working - In existing App browsing - In App Browser

    @appyet Please could you Check why in "In App Browser" it's Not possible top upload Images? Look at these URL and look your self: By click in Upload Image no Option will be aviable on Android. Top Check see in App...
  2. JensO

    Issue Again No Files are uploadeable in built in webbrowser

    Der Appyet, Gould you pleased Check with in built webapp Browser why its not possible again to Upload Files. Die example Check your self with following Site: Insert Into builtin Webbrowser in app, Open App, Klick on...
  3. JensO

    Issue AJAX loading error

    I insert this Page in newest App Version. Page: By access the Page on mobile chrome browser see the Page is working. Screenshot 1 In app the "script" is not working. Any one can help? Screenshot 2 My App link...
  4. JensO

    FIXED - File Upload not possible

    Please check on my app. Go in menu on TEST.. Site will loading and you will see red Button "FRAGE / FEHLER?!" click on it will down and test to upload any media file. On site...
  5. JensO

    How-To Versionsinfo in Menu

    Dear Appyet, it's possible to get an "Goupdiver" or else to show wich Appversion ist installed? It will help if users write Questions and cant see the Version info, becuase settings are disabled in my app. I thniked on this example in Attachments.
  6. JensO

    Issue Crashes in lastest App Version - please check

    Please check follow Errors ( 4 crash clusters Cluster Reports Impacted users Last reported java.lang.IllegalStateException in f.c.e.ja.g 1 1 May 12, 7:15 AM New in...
  7. JensO

    Appyet v4.0.13 - web browser (UC Browser 11.6) is out of date

    I become the message by in app browser "your web browser (UC Browser 11.6) is out of date. Refresh your browser for more security, speed and the best comfort on this page."
  8. JensO

    Upload File at Website with "In-App Browser" not working

    Hey @appyet, i found a Bug with "In-App Browser" If want to Upload any Files at Website i click on upload Button in Page, get the File from Smartphone and Klick on upload (Android 10) the Page will close the Opener Site and reload App. Any fix for this?
  9. JensO

    Possible to update "Web Link" automatically at startup?

    Hey, I insert my Website as "Web Link" in Modules. If I go in menu on other site an go back (with click in menu) the site will not reload. It's possible to change it? Does anyone had any tipp or script?
  10. JensO

    delete expired Posts

    I get an Code from my Developer to hide expired Posts from RSS Feed. It works. I tested anderen Deal was not showed in app. Now if a Post was synced and will be expired, for example 2 days later, in appyet Deal will not delete/ hide. :( Ist there any solution?
  11. JensO

    Use older Template Target? - downgrad my App v3.1.44 back to v3.1.43???

    Hello, does anybody know how i can downgrad my App v3.1.44 back to v3.1.43???
  12. JensO

    Problem by using iframe in App / web content / in app browsing

    Hey, im using a link to get content from a Partner. In external Browsers all is working fine. But in your app it want works. I testet it as web content, as url and as HTML content but all want works, so it must be an app yet bug. Please can you look what you can do to resolve the error...
  13. JensO

    Pop-up / push Notification if in WordPress new post will be published?

    Hey, I doesn't find so I also for help... It's possible to add a push notification if a new post is published about RSS feed? So if I create a new post at WordPress in a specified category the app will send an push notification about this new post?!
  14. JensO

    Will AppYet been Updated anymore?

    Hi, i was looking a long time to find this service and i love it! But it's looking no more Updates, Features and more will come? I hope for Reply from Staff :)
  15. JensO

    HELP - Notification Icon is 'Mask and Tint'

    Deas Support Forum, i had the Problem, my Notification Icon is Mask and Tint but i want it not Mask and Tint! So what i must do to change this, or resolve this Error ;)