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  1. aldiandrew

    (Solution) For Feed Per Category

    Hello long time not in here, i saw many people asking how to make feed per category from blogger/blogspot. I know for default blogger just have one url feed for example I found similar problem before because when iam searching did not saw...
  2. aldiandrew

    [APP][3.0+] Insomdroid - Material Design Read RSS Feed

    My first application for android made with :D Insomdroid is all in one apps to read RSS Feed Reader to read all about what happen on Android World. This apps include RSS Feed from well known and famous android media news including : - -...
  3. aldiandrew

    All feed Update

    its possible to add all feed update on left menu? its made user easy read all feed instead open on each source screenshot i am take from feedly apps i think appyet just perfect, hope feedly integration soon too :) thx appyet