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    Question How to give in app updates

    People are not how can we provide in app updates.
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    Question How to stop repeated posts in latest articles for multiple tags

    Please help! How to stop repeated posts in latest articles for multiple tags!
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    Issue Is Ads is visible ! Please Vote

    Is Ads is visible after Publishing Application to PlayStore ??? Do Poll so that @appyet respond easily?
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    Question No Ads After Publishing Application to PlayStore

    After Publishing Application! How much time it takes to get ads to be live? @appyet
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    Issue Problem in Uploading Aab File on Console

    Getting this type of error- Your APK cannot be analyzed using aapt. Error output: Failed to run aapt dump badging: ERROR: dump failed because no AndroidManifest.xml @appyet
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    Question How to send Advance Notification with Options

    Advance Notification with Options, Like to visit Application Download Something though the notification itself....
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    Issue After New Update, We lost Revenue

    Admob earning are decreasing now... As there is no use of using application...
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    Issue Admob income is too low after new update?

    My income is null..whts abt u @appyet
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    Issue Push notifications are not working???

    Why its not working?
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    How-To Change Package Name...!!

    I want to change my package name this Possible please help me... @appyet
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    Issue Low Earning after this New Update

    As per new updates.. We will get 70% of revenue and 30% to app mob.. I think we are not getting anything... My Earning is Null.... As per this update.. @appyet Kindly go through the application may not earning as u think.. As i have less users to use..and my earnings is zero.. So...
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    Issue While Uploading app to are not visble...

    Also admob limited by account, can anybody help me out... This issue is coming after updating app to new template...
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    Issue Ads are not visible after submitting to Playstore

    Application is not showing ads after been uploaded to Playstore... Kindly help me out...
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    Issue I can't see ads on Application anymore

    Does anyone is facing same issues!
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    Issue Post Action Notifications Can this can be implemented?
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    Question Can this type of Sharing tool can be introduced.

    It will easy for all users to use...specially For rrs feeds
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    Issue finally admob limited my adsene Account

    and my ads are not showing on application,,,so sad to say new update cause privacy volations