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  1. mohammad

    پاتوق ایرانیان

    سلام خدمت شما دوستان گرامی بنا به درخواست چند تا از دوستان این جا رو راه انداختیم.هرسوالی داشتید بگید تا در اسرع وقت کامل بهتون جواب بدم
  2. mohammad

    Change package name

    This topic is for whome they wanna change their package name.I want @appyet to watch this topic twice a day. Your posts should be like my next post. ارسال شده از GT-I8190s با استفاده از appyet
  3. mohammad

    My questions

    Hi everyone, I have a list of questions that you didn't answer it in last topics,so I tell them now and I know that @joseph raphael knows.Here you are: 1-How can I make a photo gallery for my app with download feature 2-(I am making an app for a club)How can I make a module to show the time of...
  4. mohammad


    Hi @appyet, I have 2 questions. 1-I wanna make a wallpaper gallery for my app.I mean a photo ggallery that when you go on a photo,there will be some parts like:download and automatically set a wallpaper. 2-could someone please take some screenshots of my app on android 5.0?I like to know how...
  5. mohammad

    Enable center the image in web module

    Hey everyone.i am making about us page but i can not put the picture in the center.what is your suggestion? ارسال شده از GT-I8190s با استفاده از AppYet
  6. mohammad

    Material drawer

    Hi appyet, I am so worried because you do not support the users.we asked for a material drawer and you even did not say will you add it or not.Here is a good material drawer.please add it: Thanks,
  7. mohammad

    What is appyet working on right now.

    Hi everyone. I made this topic because we do not know what is appyet working please @appyet.write it like this. We are working on disqus comments. Regards, ارسال شده از GT-I8190s با استفاده از AppYet
  8. mohammad

    Watch live

    Hi appyet, I have a question.I am making an app for a soccer tean can I add watch live feature? ارسال شده از GT-I8190s با استفاده از AppYet
  9. mohammad

    V 3.1 bugs

    Hi everyone. I made this topic to say the bugs of appyet version 3.1 1-RTL problem:the text is showing in the left at the menu. 2-podcast phone hangs when I click on stream or download. 3-In profile of the tapatalk it has problem in online part in persian language 4- overlay slide...