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  1. Raiderpoer

    Login with Permissions

    Hello, I've been thinking about this for a while and the truth is that it was suggested quite a few years ago, and I think it would be nice if the application had some kind of login system and that you could control which sections users have access to. It would also be nice if the...
  2. Raiderpoer

    Check for updates

    Hello! Many, (like me), we don't have our application published in google play so getting updates to some users is difficult. It would be nice an update checker which if it detects a new compilation of the app, a popup warning appears to the user inviting him to download the new version. It...
  3. Raiderpoer

    MVP program

    Hello! Today I am here to suggest another one of my follies. I propose to start forum MVP program for users who most stand out helping in the forum. How does it work? Someone who manages that group of users, you can check the involvement of users in this community helping others and more. I...
  4. Raiderpoer

    Better organization of the forum

    Hello! Lately I'm seeing many duplicated posts and forums where they should not be. So that the forum would be nice to have something more than "moderation" and that everything is published in its right place. Sometimes it's hard to find things or see post that have no meaning in the forums in...
  5. Raiderpoer

    Some suggestions

    Hi! I created this post, because I think there are good things that have not been implemented. - It would be nice if the loading screen, which is optional add. It would be nice if the image shown larger or even that we could create images for them in full screen. In this image may appear: the...
  6. Raiderpoer

    Ability to edit all the theme colors.

    Hi! I wanted to propose a new menu option "Themes" There are some things that can not be edited, as the top menu on the subject light coming out of a blue color, and also some texts from the top menu. Or the color of the text of the feeds. My application takes all text in red, and those are...
  7. Raiderpoer

    Is there any way to put a background to this menu?

    Hi, I am designing an application on Easter, to Malaga, Spain. Let me know if the feed modules you can put them a background image and than the same color theme. Would be quite nice but if you can not then suggest that it can be put. Thank You