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  1. Raiderpoer

    Login with Permissions

    Hello, I've been thinking about this for a while and the truth is that it was suggested quite a few years ago, and I think it would be nice if the application had some kind of login system and that you could control which sections users have access to. It would also be nice if the...
  2. Raiderpoer

    AppYet v3.1.46 Released

    Hello, Yes I saw it but that warning is not appearing for me in my developer console. Thanks Best Regards
  3. Raiderpoer

    AppYet v3.1.46 Released

    Hello! Where are you seeing that notice? In my console it doesn't appear anywhere. Greetings Thank you
  4. Raiderpoer

    I suggest you make a warning window when you start the application

    Hello, Personally I don't think it possible that this option can be carried out since not everyone has the same problem. To solve this problem, I recommend you take a look at these options that you have in the settings tab. This options can help your users, however you can also warn them by...
  5. Raiderpoer

    Ayuda para hacer Himnario

    ¡Buenas! Sí, selecciona el módulo de blogger y listo ;) Gracias Un Saludo
  6. Raiderpoer

    Ayuda para hacer Himnario

    ¡Buenas! Para tener más ayuda, aquí te recomiendo que hables en inglés ya que todos suelen hablar inglés. Podrías intentar usar el módulo de Blog, ya que este incluye buscador. Como título pondrías el Himno y dentro de él podrías poner el reproductor y algo de información sobre el himno para...
  7. Raiderpoer

    Inapp browser opening in a new page

    Hello! Make sure that your website doesn't redirect when entering it and that in the module configuration you have written the URL in this way: "" it's important that you also have the bar at the end of the URL since if you don't have it will redirect Thank you Best regards
  8. Raiderpoer

    Check for updates

    Hello! Many, (like me), we don't have our application published in google play so getting updates to some users is difficult. It would be nice an update checker which if it detects a new compilation of the app, a popup warning appears to the user inviting him to download the new version. It...
  9. Raiderpoer

    Duplicate articles images!!!!!

    Hello! Create the post one time is enough. Try going to your phone's settings and removing the application's cache. I wait your answer. Thank you Best regards
  10. Raiderpoer

    Apk no longer attached to Email. Download from Website instead

    Hello! I think what we need are updates and improvements. Thank you Best regards
  11. Raiderpoer

    Cast to TV

    Hello! Negative, for the moment AppYet does not offer this possibility. For this you should do something on your site that allow this option. Thank you Best regards
  12. Raiderpoer

    MoPub error on Play Store

    Hello! I'm afraid that AppYet not active at the moment so he can not update the MoPub so you can continue with your updates. Thank you Best regards
  13. Raiderpoer

    busco foro con tapa cal para mi app

    ¡Buenas! ¿Cómo que no funciona la API de Tapatalk? Gracias Saludos Cordiales Enviado desde mi Aquaris E5 FHD mediante Tapatalk
  14. Raiderpoer

    I need app like this ios

    Hello! For now, doing this is not possible. I am sorry Thank you Best regards Enviado desde mi Aquaris E5 FHD mediante Tapatalk
  15. Raiderpoer

    app size

    Hello! It is not currently possible to reduce the weight of the app. Sorry. Thank you Best regards Enviado desde mi Aquaris E5 FHD mediante Tapatalk
  16. Raiderpoer

    Google has released Firebase for Android app analytics... Pls provide option in appyet for analytics

    Hello! AppYet is currently working on major improvements. Possibly the new features are added later. Thank you Best regards
  17. Raiderpoer

    Digital certificate error in Play Store

    Hello! I think I've understood your problem. By changing the version number I think your app on Google Play will have a higher number and you have created another app, the values have changed. Have you removed the previous app? Thank you Best regards
  18. Raiderpoer

    MVP program

    Hello! Today I am here to suggest another one of my follies. I propose to start forum MVP program for users who most stand out helping in the forum. How does it work? Someone who manages that group of users, you can check the involvement of users in this community helping others and more. I...
  19. Raiderpoer

    Ads violate google play TOS.

    Hello! Right now, it is difficult to AppYet reply to a message. Currently he works in another application model and he is quite busy. Unfortunately, this is a subject I do not know, therefore I can not help you. Anyway, I will try to AppYet can answer you as soon as possible. Thank you Best...
  20. Raiderpoer

    Count Plates

    Hello! I can not understand your problem. Can you further explain your problem? Thank you Best regards