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  1. dariocoutinho

    Issue: Violation of Device and Network Abuse policy

    Same problem as other people here. We need appyet to disable Interstitial ads because they are appearing when a video plays in the background. which is prohibited by Youtube. I wonder if it's possible to do this with a pro account?
  2. dariocoutinho

    Link Does not go directly to Google Play

    Before, by tapping a google play app link, appyet open the play store directly. Now, this does not happen anymore, it goes to a web preview of google play. what happened?
  3. dariocoutinho

    High Invalid Traffic in admob

    My admob generates a lot of invalid traffic As suggested, I created a second admob account, for fear of being banished from my main account. The reason for doing that, is because appyet generates a lot of invalid traffic (more than 80%). How to fix it? Currently have 7080 active users...
  4. dariocoutinho

    Inappropriate ads on App

    My App showing Inappropriate ads like pornography. What happen? Take action to resolve it
  5. dariocoutinho

    High Invalid Traffic in admob

    I use the admob only two appyet applications and invalid traffic has grown considerably. Does anyone know why?