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  1. Marstein

    Issue Feed Showing Two Images

    Why is my app's feed showing two images? This issue is not from me, I presume.
  2. Marstein

    5 Min Feed Sync

    Why is it not recommended?
  3. Marstein

    Question Feed Not Showing Full Post

    How do I make my app show all the content of the feed? I have set it on my site to show all the content but it is still showing articles like a short excerpt on my app
  4. Marstein

    App Notification Trouble

    Hello, I noticed that news feed only comes through when one refreshes the app. This, in turn, causes lack of notifications showing up on the Android phone's tab. Definitely, people won't really engage with an app that doesn't deliver notification or an app that requires manual refresh or sync...
  5. Marstein

    Info Layout Types In Feed Module

    Can I get a preview of all the layout types in feed module? It is frustrating to have to choose one and then download the app to see how it loos like then repeat the same process
  6. Marstein

    Functions of Local Video, Audio and Image

    Please, what is/are the function(s) of these modules?
  7. Marstein

    Group Diviver

    Please, what is the function of this particular module?
  8. Marstein

    App Size Reduction

    How I reduce the size of my app? I want to make it as little as possible. I have been receiving complaints about its size. it is currently at 17mb.
  9. Marstein

    Web and Feed Module Issue

    Though I made some feed modules higher than web modules in terms of numbering, they aren't responsive. All the feed modules adhered to my arrangement but no matter where I put the web modules, they keep appearing first and before all the feed modules in the app. I don't want this. I want the web...
  10. Marstein

    Test Ad Showing, AdMob not showing

    Before my ads weren't showing but I decided to use the Google test ads and it showed in the app. Now I have inputted my own ad unit and it is not showing. I have not very little idea about programming.