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    App bundles building not working in some apps

    I've updated several apps, all fine and with no issues. Building creats AAB and APK files, uploaded de AAB and all fine. But there is one (com.public.domain.movies) that doesn't built AAB files. I got the APK, and updated them to Google Play (it's an old app) but it gave me 3 errors. We...
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    Question Are notifications working for you ?

    Notifications are not working for me in any of the 10 apps that I have with RSS feeds. They all receive the feeds well when I open the app but for some reason thay do not update the feeds when the app is not open. Any suggestion? Anyone else???
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    Chromecast only transmitting audio, no video

    I have several apps that use the Chromecast module. All use Webm files and they all only transmit the audio. I tried with VLC and the files are casted fine. What can I do ? I tried to create a Custom Application Id and created a Google Cast SDK account but the end result is the same: only...
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    App Building not working

    I've send to built 3 different apps. And all are stuck in the process. One is saying: But has been like this for about 1 hour now. Similar for the others. Could you please look into it @appyet ?
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    Horror Movies Free

    Horror Movies Free App
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    Classic Cartoons

    Classic Cartoons app!!
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    When Admob banners are active, videos do not play. Help!

    I have several apps with videos. They use the native wordpress player. When the Admob banners are active (almost always), the video play button doesn't work in the articles. The same videos play well in the Media module. This is one of the apps: Film Noir Movies I tried to disable the admob...