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  1. munees

    Google AdMob: Action required to avoid immediate ad serving disruption

    @appyet, @DarShaN PanDya help me to figure out the issue Message from google We are alerting you that your app is currently in violation of the AdMob program policies. Importantly, this will require action on your part to ensure no disruption in ad serving. Please read below for more...
  2. munees

    Convert partial RSS to full RSS

    Hi all, Is there a way to convert partial RSS to full rss content ? Thanks in advance.
  3. munees

    My app doesn't show any advertisement. @appyet

    Mopub or Flurry or facebook audience network nothing works for my app. MoPub ad unit id is 4cf94797cbd74865ad6a1cd2089c65a7 Anybody please help me to monetize. Thanks in advance
  4. munees

    mopub also not working

    any help?
  5. munees

    Facebook audience network not working

    Hi, My Facebook audience network is not working? Pls help me to solve this