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    [Action Required] Switch to the Play Referrer API by March 1, 2020

    I receive the next email from Google: Hello Google Play Developer, We recently announced that we’ll be deprecating the install_referrer intent broadcast mechanism. Because one or more of your apps uses this intent to track referrals, we wanted to ensure you make the switch before March 1...
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    It's true this?

    Hello. I receive an email from a company, buddy (I don't know who they are), but I'm worry for this line: 'I'm Katie Edwards from, and I'm trying to get in touch with your mobile app development team. We’re showing that your app was built (back on March 10, 2016) using a software...
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    Pro Subscription

    If I want to upload my app to the Google Play Store , Do I have to pay the subscription? What advantages gives subscribe? Thanks.