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  1. Zac F.

    Need Facebook SDK Installed

    Hello, In order for me to advertise my apps on Facebook the way I want, I must have the Facebook APK installed on my apps. Once this is done, I will be able to track the performance of my advertising campaigns by seeing how many people have installed the app. This would be a super great...
  2. Zac F.

    TapaTalk Improvement

    One feature that would help me tremendously would be to be able to change the layout of the TapaTalk module. I have multiple apps with the same TapaTalk module on each app (for the same website) but I would like each app to be able to go directly to a specific forum when they click the forum...
  3. Zac F.

    Can you remove interstitial ads?

    I don't want to remove interstitial ads yet, but I have reason to believe that the resultant uninstalls of my app related to the interstitial ads might be negatively impacting my search result ranking on the Google Play store. Is there no way to remove interstitial ads from some of my apps so...
  4. Zac F.

    "Back" Button on Phone Open Menu

    One idea: Make it so the "back" button on the user's phone pulls open the menu before exiting the app (user has to press "back" twice to exit app completely). This would help when an app has multiple modules on their menu that a user might toggle through before leaving the app. Great work...
  5. Zac F.

    Option to Change Interstitial Ad Timing

    I've noticed other apps where interstitial ads show when you click on something, as opposed to my AppYet app where the interstitial shows after hitting the back button. I think the former is a less intrusive way to show these ads. A lot of time people will click "back" after reading an article...
  6. Zac F.

    Do not show Interstitial ad to NEW user for "X" days or "X" hours

    Above is a graph of my daily uninstalls on my app. I have about 30,000 active users, so it is not uncommon to see lots of daily uninstalls (as long as there are more installs than uninstalls). On September 11th, I added interstitial ads to this app. You can see the little update icon on the...
  7. Zac F.

    Interstitial Ads and User Retention

    I thought I would share my experience with you all on installing Interstitial Ads on my apps. Over the last week, Interstitial Ads account for 31% of my total ad revenue. Another way of looking at it: I saw a 46% increase in ad revenue related to installing interstitial ads on my apps about...
  8. Zac F.

    Chat Module

    I am running AppYet for a series of sports teams (one app for each team). One feature that would be helpful for my purposes is the ability to add a chat module so that users of the app can chat with each other. I understand there is a TapaTalk module and I do make use of that, but sports fans...
  9. Zac F.

    AppYet Support: Need help moving an app to another account

    Hello, I have sold the rights to my app to another person. I need to be able to transfer that app to a different account. Can you please advise me how to do that? I would like him to create an account with AppYet and then transfer the app to his account. Please respond to me here or email me...
  10. Zac F.

    "Visit Website" Open Within App

    A lot of apps now have web browser built into the app. This means the links open up faster AND you can display AdMob even when user clicks to go to source website. Could be worth a try. I employ some developers for another project and they added this to my app quickly/easily. Should be easy to...
  11. Zac F.

    More Ad Impressions

    My Google Analytics shows me that I'm missing out by not having ads displayed on the home screen. Analytics tells me the home screen is about 50% of page impressions. I am currently using v2 of the app. Does v3 or v4 give the user more control over where ads are displayed?
  12. Zac F.

    Please Provide More Account Options

    Hello AppYet, My hope is that one day you will provide the option for a customer to buy the app outright for a lump sum, and receive a copy of the APK that gives 100% of the ad impressions to the user. I appreciate the 70% to 30% split as a way to provide these apps to customers for free...