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    15 Limits Video on Youtube Playlist

    Hi @appyet, how is possible to increase number of video inside a video playlist on rss Youtube? For example is possible to see only 15 videos while playlist contain 56 videos. Could you help me please? Regards MM
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    Restaurant App

    Hi, I wanted to create an app for a restaurant where customers could view the menu of the day and possibly choose it by interacting with the restaurant (by sending the order via email or whatsapp) for the Take a way service. Is there a module in Appyet that can do this? Regards M
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    Admob Interstial

    Hi, yesterday I update app with new realease (v4.0.13) and insert 2 Minutes of interval for Interstitial Ad is displayed (using Admob). Since the update I no longer see the interstial banners loaded. why? Thanks M