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    WEB module is buggy

    WEB module is buggy, does not work. It is giving black screen and does not load the link.
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    Dark mode does not work

    Can anyone explain how dark mode works in this new version? I'm not getting.
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    Change in READ and UNread is not working

    In the settings tab it is not possible to change the update frequency to 1 day, or 2 days, or 3 ... nothing works. The posts are endless! Any solution?
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    downloading .swf files by yourself

    Good Morning. Some of my apps are downloading .swf files by themselves. someone with the same problem?
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    I got it today, does anyone know what this is? "Hello, We'd like to alert you that your app is violating AdMob program policies. It's important to note that this situation requires action on your part to ensure that ad serving is not disrupted. See below for more information on the required...
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    Help with Google Maps

    Hello. I use the tag <a href="tel: "> to use the phone, does anyone know how to call the Google Maps? When I use the map link opens but does not track the user's position.
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    Ad serving has been disabled in: admob

    I received this admob message. Does anyone know what this is? "Hello There, The purpose of this email is to alert you that one of your applications is not in accordance with the AdMob program policies. As a result, ad serving has been disabled in your application. Error Code 34451987 Ad serving...