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  1. edo

    Image Share to Whatsapp not working

    Hi frends, Image share to Whatsapp is not working because it is in CNT file extension. But seems CAN be share to Google Drive. Please advise, how to share image to WhatsApp, I just want to share image ONLY without link Best and warm regards Edo
  2. edo

    Cannot build, friends. Please help. Oh ASAP please.

    Hi all, After fill the robot captcha, then push the build button, there is a serious error: "We are experiencing technical difficulties please try again later and if the problem persists, contact us at" It never happend during years I am here Please advise asap. Regards, Edo
  3. edo

    3 lines at left top menu not working

    Hi all, So so so strange After success with hundreds app, today I met my first time problem. The 3 lines button at the top left, the slider menu, is not respon when click Any idea? Thank you Best regards
  4. edo DOWN !!!!

    Hi, So so so so so very strange, is not working now !!!! I know there is no Mr. AppYet more. But is not working, is VERY VERY VERY unusual. Please have a look. Error message: "We are experiencing technical difficulties please try again later." It is very unusual because...
  5. edo

    Registration and Login Module or Application Front Page

    How to have Registration and Login Modules? User can REGISTER at least Name, User Name, Password, Email, Mobile Number. Then can LOGIN. All modules behind the LOGIN screen. Any idea? Please advise
  6. edo

    When iOS Apps version ?

    Yes, we are really want AppYet to be able to create iOS application output version :) Right, folks ???