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    Video not showing

    I made my app here for my WordPress based blog. I used RSS feed module to display my articles in the app. But in some of my article, there are feature videos and those articles feed not displaying the videos in the app. How can I solve it? Please help me.
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    What new feature or fixes you like to see in up coming version?

    As like previous version, please add special URL functionality again. Please allow the special URL like:- WhatsApp:\\, call:\\, mail:\\ etc.
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    Special URL

    In previous version of applet, special URL like:- mail:\\, WhatsApp:\\, call:\\ are supported but in the present version it's not working. How can I solve it? Please someone help me to solve this issue.
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    URL unknown scheme

    In previous version, all my apps working fine but after the new upgrade of appyet, web link with special URL like mail:\\, WhatsApp:\\, call:\\ are not working. How can I solve this issue, please someone help me. It's urgent.