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  1. Salvatore

    Update for new Api level

    Please update the Api level Notifications The current API target level of your app is 21, but the minimum API target level must be 26 to make sure the app is based on the latest APIs optimized to ensure security and good performance. Beginning in August 2018, the new apps must target the...
  2. Salvatore

    downgrade to free app com.ext_amogesu to display ads

    Ad not will be turned on ... please make app com.ext_amogesu to display ads Expired time. I need to downgrade to free and not pro version
  3. Salvatore

    Subscription Pro?

    Subscription Pro is expired - After expiration date, application will continue working, only difference is Ad NOT will be turned on...
  4. Salvatore

    Ad NOT be turned on

    my app Pro is Expired two year ago but after expiration date, application will continue working, only difference is Ads NOT will be turned on Is Pro version lifetime? Restore ads for my app com.ext_amogesu Grazie - Tanks
  5. Salvatore

    Problem whit module RSS

    I make new rss from module feed but non imported any feed.. I have already make whit feedburner but non work
  6. Salvatore

    Google Security alert - Affects APK version 3.1.23

    Security alert Your application has an unsafe implementation of the WebViewClient.onReceivedSslErrorhandler. Specifically, the implementation ignores all SSL certificate validation errors, making your app vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks. An attacker could change the affected WebView's...
  7. Salvatore

    Remove Ads Label in Appyet pro

    By January 11, 2016, you must sign in to the Play Developer Console and declare whether your apps contain ads (such as ads delivered through third party ad networks, display ads, native ads, and/or banner ads). I have pay for not pub in app and i have removed ads in my app ... but in the...
  8. Salvatore

    APK Expansion Files

    Google Play currently requires that your APK file be no more than 100MB. For most applications, this is plenty of space for all the application's code and assets. However, some apps need more space for high-fidelity graphics, media files, or other large assets. Previously, if your app exceeded...
  9. Salvatore

    Image for Background ACTION BAR

    Make a Image upload for Background ACTION BAR and not only color. Tanks Dare la possibilità di inserire una Immagine come sfondo nella Action Bar e non solo un colore come adesso. Grazie
  10. Salvatore

    Menù reclosable and Font size

    For a pro account and politely ask if you can have better care in relation to some updates that could be done: 1 - the ability to change the size of fonts and icons on the menu 2 - the possibility of having a menu opened and closed as in the example video I believe that it is appropriate for...
  11. Salvatore

    Amo Gesù

    Amo Gesù app if you want you can download it here:
  12. Salvatore

    WhatsApp message and Group

    It would be useful to include chat messages to WhatsApp within the App, including Groups and Lists Broadcast?
  13. Salvatore

    YouTube RSS for video USER - PlayList - Channel

    import RSS in app for USER: but for Playlist and Channel ????
  14. Salvatore

    Enable zoom page in-app browser

    In the module WebLink when open Link in existing or new window in-app browser enable the zoom of page
  15. Salvatore

    How to work GroupDivider?

    How to work GroupDivider? why not close and open the group?
  16. Salvatore

    Dimension icon in Left menù 3.1.9

    Why in the new version 3.1.9 is not possible to adjust dimension for left menu icon and text size? like before text size regulation
  17. Salvatore

    Urgent update ...

    Urgent update at new version (3.1.9?) for Amazon app pubblish ... but is not work (and i have pay for app builder) Please...
  18. Salvatore

    Import file OPML in Appyet

    OPML OPML is a format which allows you to share the sources you have collected in your feedly with other applications or migrate to another reader. Link to YOUTUBE RSS whit OPML
  19. Salvatore

    Google app-indexing - API

    Look for service of Google
  20. Salvatore

    Android is limited to 65,535 methods.

    Thank you for your recent submission of .... It requires your immediate attention due to the following reason(s): We noticed your submitted Android APK was unable to be successfully processed by our app ingestion systems in order to make the app available on our Amazon Appstore. The submitted...