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    Create premanant Icon or widget on app

    Hello every one How can create premanant icon or widget on the head or under article for users to send their advertisement to the admin ? To pubish it on app . Please help Thank yoi
  3. kino

    Number 4 in play store trends

    Hi there My app is N° 4 in Play Store Trends , after three days only i aploaded it . Thnk u AppYet .
  4. kino

    Share my app

    Hello every one Can you help me how to create " share app " in my application ? With whatsapp of course . Thank you
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    Look at this !!

    Finally !! My AppYet App is on Play Store . It took a lot of time , imagination and hope to finally is READY to be be downloaded via Play Store . You can take a look and give me your opinion . Thanks AppYet .
  6. kino

    Title colour

    Hello every body Can any one help me to change titles colours in the App ? Thanks
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    How to add log in with phone number ?

    Hello every body I'm thinking if i can add a sign up and log in with telephone number to my App ?? Can anybody tell me how ? Thanks
  8. kino

    Help please !!

    Hello administrators & friends I want to add three modules feed in the same module like it shown in screenshot . I tried to do that without help for two days but you know , i failed . Thanks indeed
  9. kino

    Last 24

    Hello Apyeters I need help please !! I want to change the feed 24 hours to 48 or more to keep it shown for longer . Can anyone help me . Thanks