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    How much I earn with Appyet

    فايربايز فيه بزاف دلخيارات ازوينة بحرا كنت كنقرا فيه على وحد الطريقة في Events يمكن ليك اتبدلي theme و حتى أزرار و طريقة فتح الصفحة الرئيسية بلاي ستور يتم الدفع فيه عن طريق باي بول مفعل أو اي بنك الكتروني مفعل و لكن باي بول مضمون . او بطاقة بنكية مغربية خاصة بالانترنت .
  3. kino

    How much I earn with Appyet

    انا واصل النسخة 77
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    How much I earn with Appyet

    داكشي لي كندير مع بلاي كونسول و فايربايز . كنحضر وحد الميزاجور زوين . و لكن اعرفتي ، لقيت بلات فورم احسن من اب يات ، و قيل غنستخدمهم ، فيهم اشكال زوينة و بزاف ديال الخيارات ، و لكن مدفوعين ، هو في الاخير غنشرو التطبيقات اللهم نبداو من دابا
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    How much I earn with Appyet

    اه اوكي مزيان الله اسخر .
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    How much I earn with Appyet

    في يوم واحد ؟ وااو تهانينا لك . انا صاوبت وحدة هادي دابا سيمانة و لكن يالله واحد درهم ههه
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    Create premanant Icon or widget on app

    Hello every one How can create premanant icon or widget on the head or under article for users to send their advertisement to the admin ? To pubish it on app . Please help Thank yoi
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    Number 4 in play store trends

    Hi there My app is N° 4 in Play Store Trends , after three days only i aploaded it . Thnk u AppYet .
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    Share my app

    Hello every one Can you help me how to create " share app " in my application ? With whatsapp of course . Thank you
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    How to create sub category (sub menu) under Menu

    Please , someone help us to create sub menus , sub modules ?
  11. kino

    The new one

    The new one
  12. kino

    Look at this !!

    Finally !! My AppYet App is on Play Store . It took a lot of time , imagination and hope to finally is READY to be be downloaded via Play Store . You can take a look and give me your opinion . Thanks AppYet .
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    No AdMob? No ads . I saw them for a days but stopped .
  14. kino

    No AdMob? No ads . I saw them for a days but stopped .
  15. kino

    Title colour

    Hello every body Can any one help me to change titles colours in the App ? Thanks
  16. kino

    How to add log in with phone number ?

    Hello every body I'm thinking if i can add a sign up and log in with telephone number to my App ?? Can anybody tell me how ? Thanks
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    Last 24

    Thank you indeed my friend . شكرا ابن بلدي
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    when i delete article from my website plz help

    Up . This is a a major problem to my users . I delete some informations wich belong them from blogger as they demand it but on app still shown . How to fix that ?
  19. kino

    How to create sub menu?

    The same request . Pkease help us !!
  20. kino

    Help please !!

    Hello administrators & friends I want to add three modules feed in the same module like it shown in screenshot . I tried to do that without help for two days but you know , i failed . Thanks indeed