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  1. Andre Luis

    Ads Restricted demand

    @appyet i got this email today, i'm using 4.0.16 version. What should I do?
  2. Andre Luis

    App removed from Play Store.

    I just received this email from Google. What should I do? @appyet
  3. Andre Luis

    Web module: Open youtube link in youtube app.

    Hello, @appyet Want know if possible when people click in my youtube tab it open on youtube app. I tried all of this but not works for me. Someone can help?
  4. Andre Luis

    Word of The Day Coutinho

    This is our blog app here in Brazil. The Ministry Word of the Day Coutinho ministers daily devotions and also supports the heart afflicted through the prayer center! Our app is growing, soon we will make a big improvement on the UI/Icons. (I'm out of time at the moment) App link...