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  1. dragonpat

    I have a problem with a feed podcast

    I tried several times and it doesn´t work. The url is correct but the app doesn´t show the articles. All of the other feeds work fine. Can anyone test it for me? The url is: Thanks.
  2. dragonpat

    Youtube videos doesn't work since .40

    Hi. I have a module with a feed of youtube videos and where before the embed video worked fine, now only appears a screenshot and the video is missing. Do I have to change something? Thanks.
  3. dragonpat

    Issue with 3.1.40

    Hi. I have updated my app t version 40 and I have a problem. I had a module installed in previous version to test a fedd and now I want to delete it. I have deleted that module but when I download the app that module is still in the app. Looking at the version I can seee the version of the app...
  4. dragonpat

    Issuu or pdf

    Hi. It's possible to show in the app any issuu publication or pdf without download it? Thanks.
  5. dragonpat

    Download images

    I'd like to downlades the images of the articles directly in the device.
  6. dragonpat

    is this forum in tapatalk?

    Can i ser this help forum of appyet un tapatalk?
  7. dragonpat


    It would be perfect if I could login in the app for don't repeat articles in mobile and tablet, for example. Do you understand me?