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  1. ganesh gite

    Firebase support

    As most of the publisher might have known by now, Google Has Released its Firebase platform which includes Analytics, Monetization, Cloud, Backend, Hosting and much more. It will soon replace Google analytics, and abmob reports will heavily rely on metrics from Firebase for more depth analytics...
  2. ganesh gite

    Google has released Firebase for Android app analytics... Pls provide option in appyet for analytics

    Hello Google has recently released firebase for app paralytics. As we put Google analytics code in Appyet, pls provide option to include firebase analytics ID
  3. ganesh gite

    Please take a look at my app n give your suggestions... CA Quick

    CA Quick CA Quick, a single place to easily read all the news, important articles & updates. CAquick is an Android news aggregator application which will provide in one place all the knowledge, updates and inspiration you need to keep ahead on your track of becoming a CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT.
  4. ganesh gite

    (Help Required) What is difference between RSS, XML and ATOM....

    Hello I'm new to appyet and feeds. i'm trying to create a news aggregator application but on some sites i'm getting feed url from page source but on some websites there's no feed url available in page source. Please guide on how can i create or copy links for category wise feeds from any...