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    LATEST: AppYet v4.0.22 Released (Updated 2021-07-30)!!

    hello how are you, I would like to make a query, someone has managed to call a module from a web page. (For example) I am creating an application, but the start is a web page with several buttons. There is a way to call any module from the web button, within the application. For example the...

    LATEST: AppYet v4.0.22 Released (Updated 2021-07-30)!!

    Hello how are you @appyet I hope you are very well, I have time creating an application, and when I go to upload it to google play I get this: Your Android App Bundle uses an upload certificate with a key that is too weak. I imagine you are working on an upcoming update, and I understand the...

    Add the ability to view pdf books

    Hello friend @appyet I hope you are very well, really many creators are waiting for this function to be able to have a PDF viewer in our applications. currently the size of the apk does not matter because there are phones with 64gb 128gb and up to 256gb of storage. It would really be a function...